You know kids have a ton of energy and need to channel it into activities.  Putting your kid in a martial arts class provides a safe and positive environment for them to socialize and grow.

The “mixed” part of Mixed Martial Arts means kid learns standing and ground defense.  Your child is taught the proper method to strike, kick and grapple – safely.  The Mixed Martial Arts involve muay thai kickboxing and jiu jitsu.  These create one discipline.  It is taught seamlessly to kids in a fun and social environment.

Ground defense is critical to self-defense.  Think about it! Most fights end up on the ground anyway. You can’t always guarantee that a bully is going to catch you in a standing position.

Children learn these techniques in age appropriate groups.  Instructors are empathetic to the needs of kids.  They are also safety trained, certified and have a clean background.  Our instructors strive to be role models while they teach your kid defense for the real world.

Each class brings the opportunity to learn real world defense skills.  The biggest take away for your kid is a feeling of confidence and achievement.

I’ve seen even the shyest among students transform into kids with strong character.  Kids become less shy as they lean on each other and make friends.  You’ll notice the transformation when you start classes at BBMA!

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