There are a lot of martial arts schools that don’t deliver results. If you’ve been following my blog, then you already know how we are different than those schools.

We build confidence and teach self-discipline. With best-in-class instruction, we promote total fitness and nutrition. We have classes for all schedules and skill levels. The list goes on.

But why take it from me at all? Here are 10 YELP reviews about Bam Bam Martial Arts that will make you want to RUN, not walk, to enroll today!

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–All quotes below are real students, said in context from Yelp–

1)  “I love coming to open mat here on Saturdays. I am new to jiu jitsu and they have been extremely welcoming. Great community. Great people.”

2)  “Great Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs.  Coaches are great and care about all students getting the best instruction possible.”

3)  “This is a great school for jujitsu, Muay Thai, and the kids classes. After having been here for around 6 months, I feel qualified to comment. I have trained at quite a few other places and this ranks up amongst the best of all of them.”

4)   “As a girl you don’t think much about taking “fighting” classes, but this was fun and a great workout. I highly recommend BAM BAM. I’m interested to test the women self defense classes!! Every women should know how to defend themselves!”

5)  “I’ve been coming to Bam Bam for almost 3 years.  It is by far the best work out I have ever had in my life. The crew are great motivators as are all the other students in the class. It really is a family type environment.”

6)  “Excellent instructor. Caters to every student’s needs. He’s been fighting for around 30 years. Big on safety and warm-ups, decreasing risk of injury. This place is perfect if you want to do full-contact fighting, or just train for weight-loss and endurance. Definitely the best place around.”

7)  “Great place to train, they have 5 BJJ black belts (from 5 different lineages teaching there). Plenty of space to train, great mats and great location.”

8)  “I found Bam Bam from a friend who had been attending for a while. I decided to check them out. I was blow away on how welcoming and nice everyone is. They have both new guys like me and a few veteran guys that can really pack a punch. Watching the seasoned guys  game me motivation to achieve my fitness goals.”

9)  “The classes are always comprehensive and challenging. The people are tough and skilled but very accommodating and looking out for each other. Bam Bam is a great place to make your home gym!”

10)  “I tried out a kickboxing class here and was really impressed by the atmosphere of the studio and the professionalism of the staff.”

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