3 Easy Tips For Finishing The Triangle Choke In Jiu Jitsu


3 Easy Tips For Finishing the Triangle Choke

In this post, we are going to be working on the basic triangle choke, and more specifically how to finish the triangle choke with three easy tips.

We’re going to be starting from the triangle choke position, that is you already have one leg across the back of your partner’s neck, the other leg is clamped over it, forming the beginning of a triangle, and your partner has one arm across your hips.

Tip # 1: Practice Finishing With No Hands

When you are drilling this choke, a good way to improve it is to try and tap your partner out without using your hands. What I mean by this is trying to tap your partner out by only pressing your knees together, and without pulling down on his head. Not everyone will be able to do this, but if you can that is great!

The reasoning behind this is that if you can finish with just your legs, you choke will be even that much stronger when you add in your arms to pull the head.

So take the time to perfect your technique by trying to tap your partner out with just your legs. If you can do that, then your triangle is super strong, and it won’t take long to tap someone out. The key to success in this tip is drilling.

Tip # 2: On Big Guys Use The 3/4 Triangle Choke

This tip specifically deals with bigger partners. When you are wrestling with someone bigger than you, or maybe you just have really short legs, you are going to have trouble locking up the full choke.

You will be able to get your bottom leg crossed on his back, but it will be very difficult to lock it all the way up to the back of your partner’s neck or get your ankle all the way under your knee.

So, when you are in a situation like this, what you should do is use the choke as normal from just a “3/4” locked position.

Concentrate on squeezing your knees together. Even though you have 3/4 of the full lock, it should still work, just give it time.

True, the ¾ version is not as strong or as secure as the full triangle, but it will still work well enough. Also, practicing your flexibility will help you be able to bring your leg all the way up to the back of your partner’s neck.

Tip # 3: Be Patient And Let The Choke Do The Work

A lot of beginners will get the triangle choke, then give one hundred percent of their energy into tapping this guy out. And the problem is that if the opponent doesn’t tap quickly, they burn themselves out within three seconds and the opponent gets away.

This is not an efficient way to complete the triangle choke. You don’t need to burn yourself out but instead squeeze firmly, and slowly.

Instead of pouring 100% of your power into the choke, use 50% to 75% and let the mechanics of the position take its toll. Sometimes a choke will only close off part of the artery, so give it time. Take a patient anaconda approach and let the position take its toll.

So bottom line, give the choke a chance to work. It may take a little longer, but when you burn yourself out, you do not get the choke at all!

Three Simple Things Everyone Needs To Know To Finish A Triangle Choke

So, a good way to perfect your triangle choke is to drill it without hands. Squeeze your knees together and practice tapping your partner out that way. If you are choking a bigger person and you can’t get the full lock, concentrate on really squeezing your knees. And don’t burn yourself out in a few seconds. Slow and steady wins the race. Relax, and slowly choke him out so you still have the energy to successfully finish.

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