3 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Jiu Jitsu Back Mount


The purpose of this lesson is to improve our back attacks. Getting to your opponent’s back and establishing a back mount is a great spot to be in. The reason why is because you can attack him from this position but he cannot attack you. So once you have taken your opponent’s back you can attack him without him even being able to see what you are doing. This puts you at a great advantage.

3 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Jiu Jitsu Back Mount

But we want to optimize our attacks from here. And for starters that means we need to focus on a few principles. There is a lot to back attacks, but in this post, we are just going to look at 3 important principles that will help you.

Principle #1: Protect The Choking Arm From Fatigue:

All good back mounts in jiu jitsu make use of the seat belt grip (see picture below). But to maximize your seat belt grip, make sure you grab with the bottom hand. The reason why is because your opponent will try to break your grip by pulling on it, and by grabbing with the bottom hand he has to attack that one.

Lock up the seat belt by using your bottom arm to grab the top arm. This preserves your top arm from getting too fatigued to choke after a long hand fight.

This leaves your top arm, which is your choking arm, free from having to engage in the hand fight. This is critical because YOU MUST PREVENT YOUR CHOKING ARM FROM GETTING FATIGUED.

The last thing you want is for you to come out of a hand fight with your choking arm so fatigued that you can’t even finish the choke! So the first principle is: PROTECT YOUR CHOKING ARM FROM GETTING FATIGUED BY GRABBING WITH YOUR BOTTOM ARM.

Principle #2: Limit His Defense By Controlling His Arms: 

From the seatbelt position, grab his wrists with both your top and bottom arms. This gives you great control over his wrists and keeps him from defending himself against your lightning fast forearm choke (see next principle!)

Control your opponent’s arms to limit his defenses.

Principle #3: Always Look For The Fast “Forearm Choke”

Not even the best grapplers keep the chin pinned down to their chest tight all the time. If you pay attention, you will catch many people raising their chins just a little. This is the ideal moment to shoot in a fast forearm choke.

Finish with a fast forearm choke. This is quicker and easier to get than the standard rear naked choke.

The beauty of this move is that you don’t need much room to sink it in. Unlike the standard rear naked choke (which is a great move) this one is faster and needs only the tiniest space to finish.

So even if his chin is up just an inch, it’s enough for this choke because all you need is enough room to sink your wrist right into his neck. Once you have that opening, lock up your choke for a fast tap!

Summary: 3 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Jiu Jitsu Back Mount

By using these 3 simple principles you can dramatically improve your back attacks.

  1. Protect the choking arm from fatigue
  2. Control your opponent’s wrist to limit his defenses
  3. Look for the fast forearm choke!

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