How To Do A Simple Escape From The Jiu Jitsu Back Mount


Today, we’re going to learn how to do a simple escape from the Jiu Jitsu Back Mount. We’re going to learn “shoulder scrape escape”.


Let’s say, Justin has got a seat-belt on me. He’s got a strong side where his arm is on top. And, he has got a weak side where his arm is on to the bottom. In such scenario, the best possible option would be to fall to the weak side. Because, if you fall to the weak side, he can’t choke you.

Principle One: Put Your Shoulder On The Ground On The Weak Side

The first principle of “Shoulder Scrape Escape” is to fall to the weak side. Therefore, I want to put my shoulder on the ground on the weak side. I hold on to the seat-belt, apply some pressure on Justin and I fall to the weak side.

Shoulder Scrape Escape
You Should Fall To The Weak Side

Principle Two: Scrape Your Shoulder Against The Ground

The next step is to scrape your shoulder against the ground and thus, you slide him off. If your back is on the floor, he can’t be on your back. He can’t take the place of the floor. So, you put your back on the floor and scrape him off like you get mud off your shoe. Once you slide him off, try to get on top of him. He may also try that. But it’s definitely better if you are top of him.

Jiu Jitsu
Scrape Your Shoulder Against The Ground

So, that’s how you do a simple shoulder scrape escape. Fore better understanding of this technique, practice this a lot.

Summary: Things We Learned

To summarize, “Shoulder Scrape Escape” is a great technique. It’s an excellent way to getting your position back. If your opponent has a seat-belt on you, you’re on to the back foot. Therefore, you need to do something to recover your position. “Shoulder Scrape Escape” is probably the best technique in such situations. The synopsis of this technique are given below:

  1. Hold on to the seat belt.
  2. Fall to the weak side.
  3. Scrape your shoulder against the ground.
  4. Slide your opponent off.
  5. Try as much as you can to get on top your opponent.
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