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bully prevention
Being bullied can harm a child for life. Here’s how martial arts training at our school can help.

The Bam Bam Martial Arts Anti-Bullying Curriculum

Child bullying is a very serious problem in schools around the country, and it can be extremely harmful to children in the long term. Bullying has been known to cause not only lifelong depression in kids, but can even lead to suicide. The fact is that bullying actually can cause 2 kinds of damage:

Bullying Causes Physical Damage To A Child – This kind of damage is the most obvious as bullying involves hitting, kicking and fighting. While most common with male bullies, nowadays it can happen with female bullies as well.

Bullying Causes Psychological Damage To A Child – This is actually the WORST kind of damage that results from bullying and it doesn’t even have to “get physical” before it does so. Verbal bullying and cyber bullying is enough to cause a tremendous amount of psychological damage. Kids today can’t even get away from this kind of bullying when they go home as the taunting continues on social media.

The good news is that martial arts training can put a STOP both kinds of damage that result from bullying.

Here’s why…

Our Top-Notch Kids Martial Arts Classes Teach Self-Defense Skills That Stop The Physical Damage Of Bullying: 

Our kids martial arts curriculum is TOP NOTCH and the perfect solution for kids dealing with bullies. Here we teach them everything they need to know.

We teach how to deal with the most common forms of physical attacks. We teach them the most common “holds” the bully will use and how to escape from them. We teach kids how to neutralize a bullies attacks with proven jiu jitsu techniques that do not require size or strength to successfully pull off!

Not only that but our awesome VERBAL JIU JITSU system teaches kids what to say to verbal assaults too. Most attacks from bullies are verbal in nature and this is why we teach your kids our proven verbal jiu jitsu system to stop this harmful form of bullying too!

The bottom line here is that this kind of training builds a ton of confidence and this is critical.

Bullies pick victims who look like easy targets. What makes an easy target? A kid who seems unsure of himself or easily intimidated.

But the number one thing we instill in our students is a sense of self-worth and self-confidence that is cannot be shaken by a bully’s taunting or tactics.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Create The Self-Confidence That Stops The Psychological Damage of Bullying

We aim to build a STONE WALL of self-confidence that is impenetrable to a bully’s name calling and teasing. We build such a strong sense of self-confidence in kids that there is no psychological damage from being bullied. In spite of what a bully says our students KNOW they are awesome and special. We not only tell them so all the time but we also give out rewards as they improve in their skills that serve as physical reminders of how good they are getting!

But here’s a critical point. Physical self-defense skills are the foundation for this confidence. Kids can’t confront bullies if they are afraid of their personal safety.

Now the ironic thing about this kind of training is that it builds so much confidence in a child they probably won’t be bothered anymore. Bullies want easy targets. They look for victims who look easy to push around. But training in our program builds unshakable confidence in a child, making them so confident in themselves that no bully will want to bother them.

Once they are armed with this knowledge, they will NATURALLY PROJECT A MUCH MORE CONFIDENT IMAGE. They will project- AN AURA OF STRENGTH and thus not come across as an easy target for bullies.

In that sense, the more a child learns martial arts, the less they will need it!

But one more thing you need to know is this: MARTIAL ARTS IS NOT A “QUICK FIX.

You shouldn’t wait until your child is being bullied before you seek help from martial arts training. The reason why is because physical skills and the self-confidence that comes from it TAKE TIME TO DEVELOP. It doesn’t happen overnight.

That’s why you should get started NOW.

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