A Simple Way To Take The Back From The Guard


Assume that you have your opponent in your guard. You’ve used the punch block series to avoid getting hit, and you’ve done everything to secure your position. Now, would be a great time to get to a better position, to “upgrade” if you will.

One of the best upgrades you can get from the guard is the back mount. As I have said in other videos, the back mount is a highly effective attack position. Once you are on your opponent’s back, there is very little he can do to you. He cannot punch, kick, choke, or armlock you from there.

You, however, can attack him from here and attack him with some of the most powerful weapons in jiu jitsu, either a rear naked choke or a powerful gi choke.

Today, we are going to learn how to take the back from guard.

In a street fight situation, an opponent may become frustrated because he cannot hit you and instead try to drive his forearm into your neck. This is actually a terrible move for him to make, but if you don’t know what to do from here it can actually choke you.

This is a great time to take his back, here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Countering the Choke

Like I said, a lot of people who aren’t trained and really have no idea what they are doing will try to choke you with their forearm across your throat when they are in your guard. This might seem bad for you, but this is actually good for your back take.

What you want to do is relieve the pressure your partner is putting on you by pushing him back with your crossed legs. This relieves the pressure from his choke and exposes his back at the same time.

Now, move his arm over across his body, then you can bring him back into you. You are now outside of his arm, and you have an opening to get the back.

Step 2: Getting the Back

This final step is very simple. Now that you have an opening to get on to your partner’s back, open up your guard, and place your feet on the ground.

Next, shrimp out to the side, and throw one arm across your opponent’s back. KEEP YOUR GRIP TIGHT HERE.

From here, you can start to climb up on to your partner’s back. You can pull yourself up by using your arm to get a grip around your opponent’s waist or around his neck. Either grip is will work well to get you up.

Finally, get your seatbelt grip and then your hooks. Now, you have successfully taken the back from the guard position.

Quick Summary: A Simple Back Take That Everyone Needs To Know For Self-Defense

So, whenever you want to upgrade your position from guard to the back mount, and your partner is choking you with his forearm, here is what you do.

First, relieve the pressure by pushing your opponent back with your legs.

The second step is to push your partner’s arm across his body to give yourself an opening to his back, and lower him back down into you. Establish a strong grip across his back and keep your head and upper body tight against him.

Finally, open up your guard and put your feet on the ground. Shrimp out to the side and begin to climb up on to your partner’s back. You can get a hold on his neck or on his waist to help heave yourself up. Now, you get your hooks and seatbelt, and you have the back mount.

Now you are in a very dominant position to launch a whole series of back attacks.

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