How To Block Punches From The Guard Part 5


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Introduction: The Range 5 Punch Block Series In Jiu Jitsu

So far, the videos on this site have covered the first four ranges in the Punch Block series. The first range, range 1, was the closest. This is where you have the best control from a tight closed guard. Range 2 was when the opponent tries to strike your body from there. Range 3 was one of the most dangerous because this is where he breaks away from your control and has the ability to deliver his most powerful strike. Range 4 was when he gets further away and stands up but still leans in.

Today we are going to learn about the final position in the Punch Block series, Range 5.

This teaches you what to do when your opponent breaks your Range 1 grips on his head and arm, then not only stands up, but completely backs away.

You have no control here. You are on the ground and he is standing some distance away. You are especially in danger of being kicked from here or just “bum rushed” with a  punch.

So we are going to learn how to reestablish the control and of course, controlling the distance. Depending on how far away your opponent is, we are going to teach you a few moves to keep yourself safe.

Step 1: Defense From Kicks

If your opponent is close enough to kick you, the best thing for you to do is stay on your back and block the kicks with your feet and legs.

If he tries to Thai kick you on either side, you can block it with your foot. And if he leans down, you can do what is called a pedal kick which is basically a heel to the face.

One good, hard pedal kick can bring your opponent down.

To distract him, you can do some kicks to his knees and shins. You probably won’t bring him down with these, but if it can cause enough of a distraction for him to stop kicking you or for help to arrive, do it.

Step 2: Using The Distance To Do A Technical Stand Up.

In the last step, we showed you how to do the technical stand up. In this step, you are going to learn that this is just one application of that move.

The first thing you should do is get up off your back and sit up with one foot on the ground, the other leg laying in front of your foot and your hand up to protect your face.

If he comes close to kick you, you can revert to your back and use your feet to defend the kicks. This might take a bit of sitting up, and then lying back down. As your opponent moves around you can scoot around from your sitting position, keep your defensive hand up.

If you feel like he is getting too close, go to your back and defend with your legs from there. If he gets far enough back, you can do the technical stand up and continue the fight from there. You should stand up as soon as you get the chance and the space you need.

Conclusion: Protecting Yourself From Punches When On Your Back

So, when your partner breaks your Range 1 grip and backs out of your guard, on his feet you can defend yourself from kicks with your feet.

And if he starts to move around your, use one leg to follow him but always keep one leg up. As soon as you get the space, sit up to be ready for the technical stand up. And whenever you get the opportunity, whether you make it with a kick or your opponent backs away, stand up.

This was the fifth and final range in the Punch Block series, and if you master these simple moves you will be much better equipped to keep yourself safe in the guard.

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