How To Do The Basic Rear Collar Choke In Jiu Jitsu


Introduction: The Most Fundamental Gi Choke From The Back.

One common misconception about gi chokes is that they only work on gis. This is simply not true.

Gi chokes should be thought of as clothing chokes.

You can use them on someone who is wearing a shirt, sportcoat, hoodie, it will work on almost any type of shirt or jacket.

With that myth cleared up, let’s dive into our discussion of a very powerful gi choke which is the basic rear collar choke.

Step1: Getting The Grip For The Basic Rear Collar Choke

All gi chokes are super effective, and far too often underrated and under practiced by many. The one we are going to focus on here is the standard rear collar choke.

Begin with you already having a back mount on your partner.

The first thing to do is expose the collar by using your bottom hand to pull the lapel out. This is so you can sink your grip in deep into his collar with much friction or resistance.

From here, slide your top hand up his collar. Your thumb should be inside his collar with the rest of your hand out. This part is critical to the success of the choke, THE GRIP MUST BE DEEP. Get your grip deep like behind his neck if you can get your thumb all the way up there.

Your wrist and thumb should form a “custom fit” around his circular neck. Think airtight seal. If you have a shallow grip, your choke will never work! So, make sure you get your hand in as deep as you can get it.

Step 2: Completing the Choke

Next, use your bottom hand to grab his opposite lapel. This grip doesn’t have to be deep at all, and you can just get a grip wherever you can. The point is to pull this non-choking side of the lapel down to keep the lapel tight when you start to choke and take out any slack.

To finish the choke, extend him away from you with your first hand, and pull down with your second hand. This is a fast and effective way to complete the choke.

To get a little more out of it, you can turn slightly. As you can see, this choke works very quickly. Gi chokes come on fast, and if you aren’t paying close attention, you will pass out. So, when you are drilling these, make sure you are careful and tap early.

Conclusion: Summarizing The Basic Rear Collar Choke

To get the basic collar choke from back mount the first thing you do is open up his lapel.

Next, slide your thumb up as deep as you can get it.

Grab his opposite lapel with your free hand. Now, all you have to do is extend your hand outward and use your second grip to pull down.

A common mistake people make is they pull in towards them, this does not work, and you will not get the choke.

For this basic rear collar choke, you are extending your partner away from you, not towards you.

Another frequent mistake is a shallow grip on the lapel. Again, you will never get to complete your choke with a shallow choking grip on your partner’s lapel, you must grab high and deep.

Gi chokes are very strong and can come on quickly, as you saw. So, please remember to be careful when you are drilling these chokes.

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