How To Do The Shin Guard Guillotine In Jiu Jitsu


Today, we are going to learn the “Shin Guard Guillotine. With this technique you can choke your opponent easily. It’s not very complicated. But there are some principles to follow.


Let’s say Justin is kneeling down next to me. He is off to the side. He is not in my full guard.

Principle One: Get A Standard Guillotine

The first principle of this shin guard guillotine is to get a standard guillotine. Justin is on my choke side. If you watched my last couple of instructional lessons, you should know about choke side and safe side. If I am to put it simply, choke side is opposite the safe side.

A Standard Guillotine

Principle Two: Use Your Closer Leg As Shin

Since Justin is on my choke side, now I can choke him. But he is a tricky guy. If I don’t lock him down, he may hop all over the places. I don’t that to happen. So, what I do is I bring my close leg right across his belly. My foot is hooked on his hip. This locks him down. Now, even if he tries to hop over, he is in my full control. I can stick to my position.

shin guard guillotine
Use Your Leg As Shin

Principle Three: Take the Other Foot Over His Back

Now that I can stick to my position, I’m in full control. Nothing Justin can do to get away. For the shin guard guillotine what I do now is I take the other foot over his back and clamp him down. Now, there is no way out of Justin. It doesn’t matter where he goes, now I am in a position where I can choke him anytime. This is the shin guard guillotine. This is strong as heck.

bjj shin guard guillotine
Trap Him With Your Other Leg

Summary: Things We Learned

To summarize, the shin guard guillotine is one of the moves you must learn. The basic concepts of this great move and how you do it are given below:

  1. I sit down. He kneels down.
  2. I snap his head down.
  3. I bring the closer leg across his belly and use my foot as a hook.  Here I use my leg as the shin.
  4. I use my other leg and take it over his back to trap him.
  5. I choke him.
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