How To Get Your Opponent’s Back From Side Control Part 1: Baiting The Turn Away


Introduction: Taking The Opponent’s Back From Side Control

Today we’re continuing our study of back attacks. Taking your challenger’s back can be tricky especially if they are aware of what you’re doing. When you have someone’s back you can be the one on offense while your opponent must totally concentrate on his own defense. We’re going to cover how to take your adversary’s back and get your chokehold in just a few simple steps. And the best part is: this move can work on anyone!
The back attack we are learning today is great for people who know some jiu-jitsu.

For the back attack to work, you’ll need to bait your opponent. Just like fishing with a worm, you need to use a bait to draw your opponent in. Also, like fishing, you can use a few different baits. In this case, the bait we’ll be using has to do with side control.

So, when you have side control, anyone who is good in jiu-jitsu is going to turn over into the turtle; providing you with great opportunity if you know what to do! From turtle, it’s common that your opponent will go straight to a takedown. Now, you’re on your back with your opponent just outside your legs, still gripping your middle. If you back up though, you’ll find a perfect opportunity for back take. First of all, let’s learn how to effectively bait your opponent.

Step 1: Bait The Turn Away

Sometimes, when you’re in side control, it’s a good idea to bait your opponent for the back take by worming your arm just under their leg. This will prompt them into turtle, which is exactly what you want. You can even push your opponent slightly, suggesting rolling into turtle. In this case, we’ll say your opponent is a jiu-jitsu pro. With his jiu-jitsu knowledge, your opponent will most likely start to roll into turtle. Now, it’s time for step two.

Step 2: Lock Up The Seat Belt

As soon as your opponent starts to roll, grab your “seat belt” hold. Get one knee up; you’re about to put your hooks in. Pull your opponent up sharply and turn him to the side. Swing in your hooks one at a time. Make sure to do this quickly; you want to spring it on your opponent like a trap.

Summary: Baiting The Back Take From Side Control

All right, to sum up, remember that it’s important not to force your opponent into turtle; he’ll see that coming a mile off. Just subtly nudge him to start him turning. Also, make sure your back take is fast- you want to catch your opponent by surprise. Remember the steps; worm your arm under your opponent’s leg, prompting him to roll. When he starts to roll, snag your seat belt grip. Pull and turn him to place your hooks. This is the first trick to bait your opponent, securing the back take for yourself. Like I said earlier, the back take is awesome for scoring points in a tournament or even winning a street fight against a jiu-jitsu savvy bad guy.

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