How To Get Your Opponent’s Back From Side Control Part 2: Baiting The Turn Towards


Introduction: Taking The Opponent’s Back From Side Control Part 2

Last time, we covered how to take your opponent’s back when he turns away from you. Now we’re going to work on what to do if your opponent turns towards you.

This is a slightly more complex move that can be easily mastered with practice. Like I said before, back attacks are like fishing and we’re going to assume that your adversary didn’t take the first bait. Once again, we’re going to be working from the side control or side mount position.

Now that you know how to effectively bait your opponent, I’m going to show you what to do if they don’t take the bait, so you still get your back take and choke.

Step 1: Bait Him To Turn Towards You

Use your hand to cup his hip and give him a little bit of space to turn towards you. Naturally, he’ll take your bait and get an under hook and start to sit up. Now you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Lock Up The Seat Belt

As he’s sitting up you make your transition; take your free hand off his back and over his head then swim it inside. Your hand should be underneath your partner’s bottom arm. Then, as he keeps moving into his turtle position, lock up your seatbelt grip and sprawl on top of his back. From here you can pull him up into a sitting position and you can get your hooks, and there is your back take.

Step 3: Finish The Choke

Now that you have your partner’s back you’re ready to get your choke. You can do the standard rear naked choke from the full back mount position, but there is also the option of the forearm choke. For this choke, you don’t even need to get your hooks in! With your top arm use your wrist to feel if his neck is up. If his neck is up then you can do the forearm choke, but if it’s not you should get your hooks to do the standard rear naked choke. Let’s assume that his neck is up. So, feel for that opening with your wrist, then snake your hand through. The bone in your forearm should be pressing against his throat. Next, you bring your bottom hand out and get a strong gable grip. From here all you have to do is pull back.

This choke is super strong, and your sure to get a tap or pass your opponent out in a self-defense situation.

Summary: Baiting The Back Take From Side Control

So, remember that you don’t need to force your partner into his transition, if he doesn’t take the first bait, try for the second one. And if you decide not to put your hooks in and you see that his neck is up, and you have the space you need, go for that forearm choke. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s very strong and very effective. Another plus for the forearm choke is that it’s fast and your partner who is expecting a rear naked choke will have a more difficult time seeing it coming.

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