How To Hit The Most Powerful Choke In Jiu Jitsu


Introduction: The Most Powerful Choke in all of Jiu Jitsu

Today we are going to learn the most powerful and effective choke in all of Jiu Jitsu. At Bam Bam Martial Arts we call it, affectionately, “the Choke from Hades”.

One of the reasons we like this choke so much is because sometimes when you are in the back-mount position, you are only able to get a partial forearm choke. What I mean is you partially have the forearm choke but, you don’t quite have enough of your partner’s neck to finish the choke. This happens when his chin is not completely down so much that you don’t have any neck, and his head isn’t completely up either giving you the full neck. So we are talking about having a “half-choke” here that you just can’t quite finish with the normal forearm choke.

The Choke from Hades is so strong you can effectively finish this choke, and the bonus is you don’t need his entire neck to do this choke! It’s so immensely strong that you can successfully complete this choke with just a portion of your opponent’s neck.

Here’s how it works.

Step1: Remove Hooks and Shuffle

So, let’s say that you have the forearm choke, but your opponent’s head is partially in the way and his fingers are grabbing your arm. No matter how much you squeeze and pull you can’t finish the choke from here. What you are going to do is let your hooks out and fall to one side. Next, you’re going to shuffle yourself over towards his head. Here, you should be lying behind your partner’s head on your stomach, still keeping your grip on the forearm choke.

Step2: Sit Him Up and Weight Drop

From here, get up onto your knees and sit your partner up. You should have one knee on the floor and the other with your foot on the floor. To finish the choke all you have to do is start to drop your weight, like you are taking a bow or folding your partner in half. This will tap your partner out super quickly. The Choke from Hades is so strong you can do it with just part of his neck, and you can do it when his fingers are in there! This choke is the strongest choke in Jiu Jitsu.

Summary: “The Choke from Hades”: The Most Powerful Choke in Jiu Jitsu

So, when you have the forearm choke, but you don’t have it all the way cinched up and your opponent’s fingers are trying to pull your arm down, remove your hooks and turn onto your stomach. Shuffle up behind his head and sit him up while you get up onto one knee. From here, start to drop your weight and to get the tap in just a few seconds.

This is a great way to finish fights fast and to get a quick tap out. Another bonus to this choke is that it will work on anyone, from the experienced partner in the gym to the person you get in a fight with on the street.

Remember this is a great choke to use when you can’t quite sink that forearm choke.

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