How To Maintain A Dominant Position And STOP A Back Mount Escape In Jiu Jitsu


Introduction: How to Reset Your Hooks And Maintain A Dominant Back Mount Position In Jiu Jitsu

To be good at back mount, it’s important to have mastered four criteria.

First, you need to be good at taking someone’s back. Obviously, you can’t effective at back attacks if you never get on someone’s back in the first place.

Second, you need to be good at staying on your opponent’s back. If you can’t maintain the back mount, you’ll never be effective at this position either. This means that you have your seat belt grip on, hooks in place, head down, and tight. If all this is in place, you’ll be in a good position for maintaining your back mount.

Thirdly, it is vital that you win the hand fight. We’ve all been there; your opponent is trying to break your grip, you’re fighting to keep it. When you win the hand fight, you’ve taken another step toward winning the overall fight! But wait, there’s one more thing! You have got to be able to finish your move. That means you’re going to need to apply a choke or pull one of the other submissions in your arsenal.

And finally, there is finishing the actual choke.

What we’re talking about today is number two; how to effectively maintain your position. Again, there are two divisions to this. First, you need to maintain your “seat belt” and second, you’ll need to keep your hooks. Let’s talk about how to do this by resetting your hooks when an opponent tries to escape.

Step 1: Switch Your Feet When Opponent Starts To Scoot

We’ll say that you fall to your side. Your partner wants to get free of back mount and immediately starts scooting away. Don’t wait! Switch your feet quickly, chopping one under, and throwing one over your opponent’s midsection. This is the beginning of a great remount technique.

Step 2: Pull Him On His Side and Reset The Back Mount

Pull your opponent up onto his side. Your foot is in front, your heel is tight. This position kind of looks like an “S”, earning itself the name “S mount”. From this position, you can snag a mount, turn your opponent on his side and pull back mount. (We talked about this earlier.) Now, you’re back where you want to be!

Summary: Resetting Your Hooks With A “Re-Mount” Technique

This technique is great for maintaining your position! When the opponent starts to escape his hooks, remount. As soon as you mount, go right into rolling your opponent over and pulling him up into back mount. Throughout your technique, you’ll need to keep it tight. This is especially important in a mount; if your opponent is able to move your leg, you’ll have another, bigger problem. Keep it tight, move fast, and this technique will work great for you. The back- mount position is very important. Make sure to drill this one often!

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