How To Take The Back From An Elbow Escape Attempt In Jiu Jitsu


Introduction: Taking Your Opponent’s Back When They Try An Elbow Escape From The Mount

The more jiu-jitsu your partner knows, the harder it’s going to be to take their back. Luckily, this sneaky move will come in handy in scoring points and winning a fight. In this example, your opponent is on the bottom of your mount. We’ll say he knows some jiu-jitsu and is going to attempt an elbow escape.

Bad news for you; the elbow escape is very effective. Sometimes it even works on black belts! No worries though, your back take is going to save this fight for you.

Your opponent will start his elbow escape by placing his elbow or even his hand on your knee. From here, he will begin to push on your leg. He’s trying to create space, so he can shrimp out and snare you in guard. Beware! You’re going to need to catch the elbow escape early for your back take to work. Let’s back up and find out exactly where to jump in with the back take.

Step 1: Lock Up The Seat Belt When The Opponent Turns

Okay, so you’re in mount and your opponent is about to attempt an elbow escape. He puts his hand or elbow on your knee; turning as he does so. Bingo. Now on his side, your opponent has exposed his back to you. From here, you can dive down and lock up your “seatbelt” grip. Make sure to bump his shoulder further to the side as you come down. You can bump him using either your head or your chest. Now he’s really in trouble.

Step 2: Pull, Sit Back, And Take The Back

Now, jerk your opponent up and right into your back take. Don’t forget to bring your hooks in! Do this as soon as you can. You’ve got this far; don’t lose your winning move now! Once you have your hooks, fall back to the ground. Lean toward the “strong side”. This is whichever side your arm is on top of. That way, you can pull a quick, deadly choke from the position you are already in.

Conclusion: Be Fast With This One!

Probably the best advice for this technique is to be fast. Don’t wait too long once your opponent starts his elbow escape. If you wait too long, your opponent will snag guard and you’ll have lost everything you were working for. After you complete the first step, (diving in and grabbing your seat belt), move quickly toward step two.

Remember, this is the step where you bring your vital hooks in and establish control. You definitely don’t want to wait too long on this one. Once these steps are complete, you have successfully taken the back.

From here, it’s easy to pull a rear naked choke, forearm choke, etc. Back mount is one of the strongest moves in jiu-jitsu. It’s extremely difficult to escape from, which is why drilling your back take is so important.

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