How To Take Your Opponent’s Back From The “Gift Wrap” Position In Jiu Jitsu


Introduction: Taking The Back From The Mount Position In Jiu Jitsu

There are a lot of different factors that play into the back attack. First of all, you have to know how to get the position, if you don’t have the back you can’t attack the back. The second is keeping your position and not getting knocked off. The third factor is winning the hand fight, your opponent tries to strip your hands off and wiggle away and you’re trying to regrip and keep him in your control. And finally, the fourth is getting your choke hold and tapping him out.

We have had a lot of lessons on the second, third and fourth factors, but we haven’t done a lot of work on taking the back itself, so that is what we are going to cover in our lesson today.

Taking the back is crucial to a fight, because the person on the back has total control and can attack with chokes and other submissions. I’m going to show you what I call taking the back from gift wrap position.

Step 1: Get The “Gift Wrap” From The Mount Position

Push your partner’s arm across his face and lay your chest on it to immobilize him. Use your opposite hand to reach under his head and grab his wrist. You can set your foot on the floor and pressed against his chest. You have a lot of control in this position if not total control. There is practically nothing he can do to get you off of him when you’re in this position.

Step 2: Grab His Trapped Arm With Your Second Hand

Get a good strong grip with your other hand on the trapped arm. Crouch low on your partner and bring your back leg close to his back. Now you can pull him up into a sitting position and then transfer him over on top of you. Here, he should be in a position where you can easily get your hooks in.

Step 3: Pull, Sit Him Up, And Get The Back Mount

Lock up your seatbelt grip and get your hooks in. Then fall to the strong side or the side with your arm on top of his shoulder. Here is where you do the strip to the arm, trap it under your leg. Now, you have your two hands to his one hand and it’s easy to get your rear naked choke. All you have to do is bring your arm up with your forearm against his throat, grab your bicep, bring your arm back behind his head, start to squeeze and he’s out!

Conclusion: There are four factors in successfully taking the back position in jiu jitsu:

  1. Number one, getting into the back-mount position.
  2. Number 2, keeping your back mount and not getting knocked off.
  3. Number 3, winning the hand fight.
  4. And Number 4, choking your partner out.

If you follow and succeed each at each one of these factors, you’re guaranteed to have a successful back attack.

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