How To Do The Simple “Weak Side” Back Attack Series In Jiu Jitsu


Today, we’re going to learn how to do the simple “weak side” back attack. It’s important because, sometime, life doesn’t go our way.


Let’s say, I’ve got his back. I’ve got a seat-belt position where I’ve got one one arms on top and one down. If you watched my last couple of instructional videos, you should know about safe side and choke side. Safe side is always opposite the choke. And, the way I positioned myself for this particular lesson, what is the safe side for my opponent is the weak side for me. And, if he goes to the choke side, it’s the strong side for me.

If my opponent goes to the strong side, that’s great for me. But, sometime, life doesn’t go our way. I want to fall to the strong side. But if he somehow falls to the weak side, what should I do then? Well, that’s what this lesson is all about. Today, we’ll learn what to do if my opponent falls to my weak side.

Move Number One: Use The Head Pillow

If my opponent falls to my weak side, I’ve got to put my head below his head. Because, I don’t want his head to touch the ground. He can do the shoulder scrape escape if his head can touch the ground. I’ll never want that to happen. I’ve to keep his head up with my head. So, my head is like a pillow for his head. I don’t want his head to touch the ground. That’s the first rule. When you fall on the weak side, use the head pillow. Don’t let his head touch the ground over to the weak side.

Use the Head Pillow

Move Number Two: Use The Key

Once I’m done with the head pillow task, what I need to do is go ahead and trap the arm, grab the wrist, push it down, hook over and even better, cross my feet. Now, I’ve got the wrist control over him. I want to choke him. But my opponent can read my intentions well and he puts his chin down a little bit.

So, the rule number two for the weak side is to use the key. Just like you use your key to open the door and start a car, take your wrist bone and use it under his chin to create space. Once you get the space, do a little shovel. It creates little more space. Then you grab his shoulder tightly, bring the other arm and go for a forearm choke.

Use The Key

So, here is the trick in short- weak side, head pillow, keep his head from touching the ground, get some wrist control, get rid of the top arm, use the key, get a tight grip over his shoulder, bring in the other hand and go for a forearm choke.

Summary: Things We Learned

To summarize, we learned some basic moves on how we can do the simple “Weak Side” back attack. So, here are the synopsis:

  1. Use the head pillow. Don’t let his (your opponent) head touch the ground.
  2. Get wrist control over him.
  3. Use the Key.
  4. Go for a forearm choke.

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