How To Throw A Devastating Overhand Right In Self-Defense


Today, we’re going to learn how to throw a devastating overhand right in self-defense. This is an extremely powerful punch. Mike Tyson was a master of this punch. Mike Tyson could just destroy guys with that overhand right. He did it all the time.

Difference Between Standard Right Hand And Overhand Right Hand

How overhand right varies from the standard right hand is that standard right hand comes out in a linear fashion. It comes from my fist to the target and straight line like an arrow. That’s the standard right. With the overhand right, it’s different. It’s gonna loop. Instead of going straight, I’m going to loop the hand over in an arch type fashion.


How To Use The Overhand Right Hand Punch

If you are to use the overhand right hand punch, you have to follow some basic steps. Following are they:

Principle One: Loop Over His Arm

The beauty of this punch is that if your opponent is standing there, he’s got his hands up. Therefore, it’s hard to shoot straight right at him.  With the overhand right, you can go right over his arm. I can’t hit him straight on because his fist is in the way but I can go over his guard. It was right over the top here – right on the chin.

Overhand right goes over the opponent’s arm

Principle Two: Punch In An Arch Type Fashion

Overhand right is an extremely powerful punch. Body mechanics for the punch are the same as the right hard arm. You step, twist, lean – all these stuffs. However, the only difference here is the arch. Throw your punch like an arch type fashion. However, make it sure that you don’t make it too exaggerated. Here is screenshot of a straight punch:

This punch goes straight

And, here is a screenshot of a punch with an arch type fashion:

This punch goes in an arch type fashion


So, this is how you throw a overhand right punch. It’s a powerful punch. You need to practice it a lot for better use of it.

Summary: Things We Learned

To conclude, we learned the following things in today’s lesson.

  1. With an overhand right, you go over your opponent’s arm.
  2. Punch in an arch type fashion.
  3. Don’t make it too exaggerated.
  4. Practice it a lot.
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