How To Throw A Hammerfist In Self-Defense


Today, we are going to learn about The Hammerfist in self defense. It’s a very unorthodox punch. This is not a punch from the traditional western boxing. It does come from Filipino boxing. But it’s very devastating.

How To Throw A Hammerfist In Self-Defense

With the Hammerfist technique, you are going to make your fist and hit with the bottom of your fist. It’s like you are angry and you are pounding the table. Here is how your fist should look like:

This is how your fist should look like

Steps: How To Throw A Hammerfist

First of all, what you are going to do is you take your stance. Then, you step and twist. Here, the fist should come around. It’s an arch. It’s a very short and tight arch. You can hit very hard like this. This is sufficient for a knockout.

The fist should come around

It’s a little bit more narrow of an arch than the right hook is. The right hook is little bit wider. But this is little bit tighter. But it hits the same target. All you have to do is step and clip that jaw with the power hammerfist and bring it back. So, it’s a step and twist, get the penetration and relaxation.

So, this is what we call a hammerfist in self defense. It’s an unorthodox punch and it will knock someone out.

A Story I want To Share With You

I remember, when I was a kid, there was a boy being bullied. He was always being bullied by the other guy. Finally, the kid has had enough of it. One day, we were playing baseball. And, the bully boy came and started bullying him. The kid being bullied walked up to him, and hit him with the same hammerfist we are talking about. The bully just dropped on the ground. He was rolling around, moaning and groaning. The incident always stuck with me.

To conclude, the Hammerfist is is a good punch. I can hit hard with it. So, please practice the hammerfist. It is a very good knockout punch.