How To Use A Powerful Choke To STOP A Back Mount Escape In Jiu Jitsu


Introduction: How To Use A Powerful Choke Against A Common Back Mount Escape In Jiu Jitsu

We have been discussing how to take someone’s back from different positions and how to get your choke hold from the back mount. Today, we’re going to change things up and we’re going to cover maintaining the back if someone gets your hook out and starts to shrimp away. If you’re working with an experienced partner, it’s harder for you keep the back mount because they know the counters and escapes. Now you’re going to learn how to counter the counter or stop the escape and maintain your position. All you need to know are a few simple steps to keep you in the dominant back mount position. Today, to add a little spice to things, you are going to learn a new choke that is vicious! I call it the “Choke from Hades”.

Step1: Release Your Hooks And Scoot When The Opponent Starts To Escape

Let’s say you are in the back mount and you fall to one side. Your partner removes your hooks and starts to shrimp away. This might sound strange but let him. Keep your seatbelt grip tight and your head close. Now, you are going to use your feet to align your body with your partner’s head. What I mean by this is your body should be straight out from his head in a horizontal line.

Step2: Switch Your Legs And Get To Your Stomach

Switch your legs over so you are laying on your stomach. From here, you can pull him up into a sitting position. You can go ahead and get your hooks and you will have recaptured the back mount. But, if you want to end the fight at once, you can use the Choke from Hades.

Step 3: Sit Him Up And Choke

So, you are up on one knee behind your partner, to do this choke you need to get your top arm under his throat like in the forearm choke. Use your bottom hand to get a gable grip with the top hand. From here, you can raise up on that knee and put some pressure on to his back while start to squeeze and pull back. This could choke out a lion, and it’s super uncomfortable for the person on bottom. When drilling this choke, apply pressure slowly because it cuts off the air extremely quickly.

Step 4: Or Simply Re-Establish The Back Mount

Another alternative to this move is rather than doing the Choke from Hades, you can reinsert your hooks, and you have the back mount again. From there you have the standard rear naked and forearm chokes to finish the match.

Summary: Countering A Common Back Mount Escape With A Powerful Choke

Whenever your opponent removes your hook and starts to shrimp away, let him make some space, align yourself horizontally with his head, switch on to your stomach and pull him into a sitting position. From there you can retake his back by inserting your hooks, or you can end the fight faster with the “Choke from Hades”. Again, the Choke from Hades is immensely strong and works super quickly. It’s also very uncomfortable for your partner to have your bone digging into his throat while you are up on his back applying pressure from up there as well. This choke is a fast winner for matches in the gym or real-life scenarios.

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