How To Use The Head Butt In Self Defense [GRAPHIC]


The headbutt may sound kind of primitive, and perhaps even ineffective to some but this is not so.

The headbutt is very easy to get down, and is actually very effective and can even knock people out. It can be a very devastating move.

Needless, to say, it’s a good tool to know when faced with a bad street fight situation.

Here are the basic steps to a perfect headbutt.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Head is LOWER Than His

For the first step, you need to make sure that your head is lower than that of your opponent. Otherwise, your headbutt attempt is going to be smashing your own face and you’ll get the worst side of that headbutt. What you need to do instead is to make sure your head is low.

You’re not going to be smashing his head straight into your own; what you want to do is tilt your head slightly. His head is going to hit the hard part of your skull, right on the top front of your head. Think of using the front top of your head to smash into the bad guy’s face.

Step 2: Slam You Head Forward

Now, you have your position ready to deliver the blow. Grab the back of his neck, or his shirt, and bring your opponent to your head as you slam your head forward.

His face should hit the front, top area of your skull.

Once you have the move set, it’s very easy to practice in the air. You could also practice on a bag, but you’ll eventually get a headache. That’s what’s so great about the headbutt; you don’t necessarily need a bag or a dummy to practice it.

Using Your Head In Self-Defense

The headbutt really is an easy move to add to your martial arts toolbox. It’s super effective; and if you don’t believe that, there are lots of videos out there of headbutts working to take out an opponent in an actual street fight.

All in all, the headbutt is a simple, effective, devastating move and valuable to know how to do.

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