How To Use The Standard Groin Kick For Self-Defense


In this lesson today, we are going to start talking about kicking in self defensehow to win a street fight with kicks. This may be a little bit different to what you are used to when you consider martial arts and kicking.

Low Line Kicking

About kicking, you may think of guys doing spin kicks and head kicks etc. But we are not going to do any of that. For self defense, specially if you don’t have much time to train, it’s all gonna be low line kicking. We’ll be kicking below the waist. We call that low line kicking.

Standard Groin Kick

There are two main type of kicks. But our topic today is the Standard Groin Kick. It’s old fashioned. It’s a fantastic move. I’m going to show you the traditional version of the standard groin kick. In my next lesson, I’ll show you some improvement on the traditional version of the groin kick.

How To Use The Standard Groin Kick

Let’s start with the basic groin kick. What you are going to do is you’re going to point your toe down and then you’re gonna kick with instep of your foot.

Standard Groin Kick

So, in your stance, you bring your knee up and snap your kick. It comes straight up. It’s a very easy kick to use. And, that’s why it’s good for self defense. Anybody can do this. With the groin shot, it doesn’t take whole lot of power. The emphasis here is on speed. You are going to snap this kick up.

Bring the knee, snap and bring back. If you are close range, it’s okay to use the shin. The whole shin bone can be brought up right between the legs and hit hard. It’s a great move. This is the standard groin kick in self defense.

To conclude, standard groin kick is a great technique to learn. So, just practice this move and add this technique to your list of self defense techniques.


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