How To Use The Technical Groin Kick For Self-Defense: Part 2


Today, we are going to expound on that technical groin kick and look at some of the beauties of throwing the groin kick in the way I just mentioned in the previous lesson – with the toes pointing back.

How To Use The Technical Groin Kick

Technical groin kick like I said work even if the guy is straight up with no legs spread at all. Because you don’t need that vertical coming up angle necessarily. You can come at it at a 45 degree and still hit right in the groin. But what if he’s standing sideways to you? What are you going to do now?

Your opponent may stand sideways.

Bring Your Back Leg Around

Well the technical groin kick, it has a solution for that too. Because all you have to do is change the angle. Instead of bringing the back leg up, you just bring it around. Just bring it around and flick your foot. Snap from the knee and kick that  (it’s the same foot position)  ball of the foot. It’s coming around the side now.

Your kick should come around if your opponent stand sideways.

So if I were standing at you, you should be bringing your groin quick around the side and kick in. So it’s coming around. It could be a snap. We don’t use SNAP kicks much. But snap kicks work well when all you do is kick in the groin.

It doesn’t take much power – it’s just the speed. You could snap your kick around. Let’s say, I’m fighting sideways. You can still kick me in the groin because this thing just kind of sneaks around all that.

And you can kick hard. So I can do this technical groin kick straight in. He turns sideways – no problem. I still can kick him in the groin. So it doesn’t matter how he stands, I can nail him in the groin. It’s one of the beauties of it. I just love it. You can get it no matter where he is.

To conclude, the technical groin kick is a great move. Just practice this technique and use for self defense.

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