How To Use The Technical Groin Kick For Self-Defense: Part 4


Welcome to the “Technical Groin Kick” lesson number four. In this lesson, we’ll learn how to kick around from the pendulum.

How To Kick Around From The Pendulum

I am going to start here. It’s very simple. It’s the same principle footwork like I mentioned in the other lessons regarding the groin kick. You just need to snap that kick around. When you add this technique to your arsenal, you can get in no matter where he is.

No matter how he is standing, you can hit him with a groin kick. Because, you’ve got one that can come from all angles – you can come straight up, you can come sideways. No matter how he is standing to fight you, you have got a kick to take care of that.

So, going back to the lead leg technical groin kick that comes around, you slide up and kick and then come back. It’s just a snappy kick. It doesn’t take much. Around his guard, right into the target. Practice this technique a lot.

Technical groin kick around from the pendulum

Work in combinations

What you should do next is you should put everything together and build in combinations. You’ve got broad of groin kicks coming from all angles. You just can’t get away from him no matter how he stands. So, practice and put in all groin kicks in. It’s great for self defense. It’s long range self defense. He can’t hit you but you can kick his groin. So, that’s the idea of the technical groin kick.

Some Important Suggestions

Keep your head out of the way, keep your hands up. Practice combinations. It doesn’t take much. Also practice accuracy when you hit the bag. So, put all these in combinations and get used to that pendulum footwork and you’ll have a very good practical skill set for self defense.

To conclude, this is the last of the four lessons on how to use the technical groin kick. As you already know, technical groin kick is very effective these days. You could end a fight with just one kick. So, practice all the techniques I showed you and use them for self defense.

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