Martial Arts And The American Dream


Martial arts used to be outlawed.  People had to hide their practice.  It was disguised in practical ways.  Weapons looked like farming tools and techniques looked like ceremonial dance.  People refused to stop practicing techniques that could protect their families.

Luckily, we live in a society that values our ability to defend ourselves.  This concept is the fabric of our laws, even our constitution!  Americans believe in having options when it comes to your defense.  It’s who we are!

What kind of self-defense program do you want to take?  You can choose Karate – where you will learn helpful skills.  Or you can choose MMA where you will learn to disable someone, even if they take you to the ground.

Many philosophies focus on distance between you and an attacker while standing.  MMA uses a combination of standing and ground attacks to give you the advantage from any position.  This allows you to feel confident that you can protect yourself no matter the situation.

Moreover, the beauty of Brazilian jiu Jitsu is that you can defend yourself when you are on the ground by using control and submission locks. This is a great way for a smaller or weaker person to defend themselves against a larger attacker.

Fulfill your destiny of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness knowing you can defend yourself if you have to!

What are you waiting for? START TODAY!

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Father of eight, Dr. Scott Sullivan is the chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas and is a seasoned martial arts instructor with over 30 years of experience. A firm believer that martial arts really does help people become more fit, safe, and happy, he remains vigilant about helping people improve their lives through martial arts.