Why Kickboxing Is Good For Your Back

Kickboxing teacher
Kickboxing strengthens your core.

As adults with work and responsibilities, we spend most of our lives in a seated position. Whether sitting in front of a computer at work, or in a bucket seat on the commute we are putting our health at risk.

“That seems dramatic,” you’re probably thinking. It’s just that seated position is not good for spinal health. Why do you think so many people end up with lower back problems later in life?

Also, seated position isn’t great for air-flow, causing you to feel lethargic.  You don’t burn enough calories when you are sitting. And I believe that all this sitting contributes to the obesity problem.

So how do you do you counter act the effects of sitting all day?

With a good work out at Bam Bam Martial Arts, of course! It’s been proven that working out leads to better quality of life. It can fix many of the issues that result from a sedentary lifestyle.

To keep yourself engaged you need a workout that’s fun and exciting. Something you will want to do day after day.

Kickboxing is a good choice because in addition to being fun, its awesome for your heart and lungs! It will help give you a boost of energy and make your sleep more restful.

Among the many benefits of choosing MMA as a hobby is self-discipline. Having self-discipline will give you the grit to be more active when your life is sedentary.

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Father of eight, Dr. Scott Sullivan is the chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas and is a seasoned martial arts instructor with over 30 years of experience. A firm believer that martial arts really does help people become more fit, safe, and happy, he remains vigilant about helping people improve their lives through martial arts.