How To Be Fit At Any Age With Martial Arts


We have students of all ages building confidence and getting in shape.  No matter what is important to you we have a program.  Maybe you want your kids to have a strong and confident character?  Or maybe you want to get in shape yourself.  Martial arts can be a great activity for the whole family.

Martial arts conditions your muscle.  Strength training is a part of the process.  This helps kids learn to be tough, confident and independent.  Your child will get in shape while learning valuable skills.  They will learn to be tougher by participating in our program.  They will learn be decisive and make the right decisions.  There’s nothing better than instilling confidence in children!

Got a bully problem?  Kids also learn to stand up for themselves.  Enrolling your child in a program at BBMA is teaching them to be strong and not give in to peer pressure.  They build character while having a lot of fun!

For adults, BBMA will get you into shape!  You’ll improve your strength, cardiovascular functioning and flexibility every time you workout!  You’ll eliminate the stress of a long workday in just one hour while burning 1,000 calories or more.

Bottom line.  Is there anyone in your family who wouldn’t benefit from less stress and more confidence?  We have what you need for a happy, healthy family at BBMA.  Enroll today!

What are you waiting for? START TODAY!

Kids or adults it doesn’t matter. Come into BBMA for a FREE TRIAL CLASS and see our amazing program for yourself. We are confident that once you start you won’t want to stop your journey to becoming the best version of yourself!

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Father of eight, Dr. Scott Sullivan is the chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas and is a seasoned martial arts instructor with over 30 years of experience. A firm believer that martial arts really does help people become more fit, safe, and happy, he remains vigilant about helping people improve their lives through martial arts.