Our Mission At Bam Bam Martial Arts

Bam Bam Martial Arts is on a MISSION!

bully defense
Students at Bam Bam Martial Arts learn how to defend themselves against the most common attacks made by bullies.

We change lives with classes that specialize in fitness, fun, and self-defense!

Our kids classes focus on 3 main things – self-defense, character development, and FUN! Not only that but your child will gain a lot of other benefits from this class as well. Take confidence for example. Confidence is great and super important for success in life! Instilling confidence in your child will make them an unstoppable leader. BBMA provides fun opportunities for building a rock solid foundation of confidence in children.

Our adult martial arts classes focus on fitness, fun and self-defense. Not only that, these programs help clients get rid of stress and weight in an exciting way. You won’t know how hard you are working! The result is confidence along with skill that might literally save your life some day. Your attitude and approach to life will change for the better. What more do you need?

Our jiu jitsu program is designed to take someone from absolute beginner all the way to black belt. In the beginning we stress “beginner friendly” classes and training methods that focus on the most important techniques needed for self-defense. After that, our advanced jiu jitsu classes build on this foundation and is designed to take the student to the highest level of ability in the various aspects of jiu jitsu.

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