The Importance Of Quality Martial Arts Instruction


Of course every parent wants to know who is teaching their child.  It goes without saying why parents want to know the credentials of people who hang around their kids.

In martial arts training it’s important to know that an instructor can keep your kid safe.  They must also ensure you they can do what you pay them for – training and guidance.  Sometimes local schools are run by inexperienced hacks.  How can you make sure your school is the real deal?

At BBMA are trainers are certifiable……. Certifiably safe, that is!

Our trainers go through rigorous training classes.  They undergo background checks and drug testing.  Being a strong role model is part of the job description.  They stay on top of new industry trends and pursue continuing education every week.

Rest assured that your child is in good hands with BBMA.  Try a class today!

What are you waiting for? START TODAY!

Kids or adults it doesn’t matter. Come into BBMA for a FREE TRIAL CLASS and see our amazing program for yourself. We are confident that once you start you won’t want to stop your journey to becoming the best version of yourself!

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Father of eight, Dr. Scott Sullivan is the chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas and is a seasoned martial arts instructor with over 30 years of experience. A firm believer that martial arts really does help people become more fit, safe, and happy, he remains vigilant about helping people improve their lives through martial arts.