Why Self-Defense Is Not The Only Thing People Love About Martial Arts


Is self-defense the only benefit people love about martial arts? Not by a long shot! Self-defense is a great way to develop peace of mind but there are a lot of other things people get from training at BBMA. Here students learn the values of martial arts – values like self-discipline, focus, and respect. These values become the cornerstone of their character. They stick with them for life.

Take one example. One important value we teach is self-discipline. Self-discipline can be defined as “doing what you need to do, when you need to do it, whether you like it or not”. This is the key to unlocking success. Self-discipline is important for completing the school work needed for good grades. Around middle school, a lot of kids start to wane in their ability to stick to a regimen. Martial arts changes that course.

But, kids come to us to learn AND have fun. We provide the opportunity for confidence, social activity, and friendships. Self-discipline is an important part of that mix. Kids learn that being disciplined doesn’t mean being boring. Once they start reaching achievements, kids just want more and more.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Kids who are confident don’t have to defend themselves against bullies as much as kids who are not. Besides to self-discipline these kids are learning how NOT to be a walking target. Some worry about showing self-discipline in school for fear of appearing “bookish” or “nerdy”. BBMA’s students walk with confidence. They get good grades and don’t give into peer pressure.

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