Target Practice For Low Line Kicking In Self-Defense


Today, we’re going to learn about target Practice for low line kicking. We will learn how we can use the mitts to practice low line kicks. The mitts are great to work with practicing low line kicks.

Target Practice For Low Line Kicking

You may wonder why you need to practice low line kicks with mitts. Well, it’s nice to hit a target – specially when the target is moving around. This kind of practice is what we call target practice. With target practice you need a partner with focus mitts in his hands. Your partner will move his hands here and there and what you need to do is to hit the target. Here, the mitts are the target you need to hit.

Target Practice With Mitts

Use Mitts, Pillow Is An Alternative

Let’s say, I have got my partner Angelos here. He is going to square up. I am going to offer him the targets. If you don’t have focus mitts that’s fine. You may use a pillow. I use a pillow with my kids all the time. Grab something off the couch or off the bed, it will work also.

Practicing Pendulum Kick

So, what I am going to do is that I’ve got my mitts and I want him to do the lead leg slide up groin kick – the pendulum kick we talked about in other lesson. So, I’m inviting him to hit the mitts – the target he has to hit. As soon as he sees the target becomes available, he has to go. It’s kind of like flash card. He wants to get there as quickly as he can. As soon as the target presents itself, he has to hit it as quickly as possible.

Practicing Pendulum Kick

Practicing Rear Leg Groin Kick

The same target you may use for the rear leg groin kick also. So, I’m giving him the same target, he uses the rear leg groin kick.

Target Practice – Rear Leg Groin Kick

Practicing Low Kick On The Thigh

You may also use the same target for the low kick on the thigh. On this one, you shouldn’t kick very hard. I put the target beside my thigh and he should just tap there. If I switch my feet, he may also do a quick switch and attack the thigh of my lead leg.

Target Practice – Low Kick On The Thigh

Putting Everything Together

So, what I’m going to do is I just put all that together, makes it up and move around. I’m going to flash him targets and he can kick however he wants. His low line kicking skill will get better as he continues practicing. You may set a time for this practice session. So, that’s the low line kicking on the pads.

Summary: Things We Learned

To summarize, there is no alternative to practicing stuffs you learn in self defense. If you are serious about learning self defense skills, just make it sure that you practice all the self defense skills regularly. In today’s lesson, we learned about target practice. The synopsis are given below:

  1. Target practice is important for low line kicking.
  2. You’ll need mitts or a pillow and a partner to practice low line kicks.
  3. Hit your target as soon as the target is available.
  4. Once you are comfortable with target practice, put everything together, make it better.
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