The Basic Attack Path For The Triangle Choke


Introduction To The Basic Triangle Attack Path

The closed guard is a great way to control your opponent, as well as being ripe for submissions and sweeps. Today, we’re going to be talking about the basic attack path for the triangle choke.

The triangle choke is an awesome, deadly submission. It can really finish up a fight effectively. However, when executing your triangle, it’s important to be very patient. The triangle is a choke that takes a little time to work, but if you hold your position, it definitely will tap your opponent out. Triangle chokes are very easy once you have their attack path down.

So, let’s break down the steps to the basic attack path for the triangle choke.

The basic attack path for the triangle choke is:

  1. Threaten the triangle (get the triangle setup position)
  2. Lock the triangle & secure the perpendicular angle 
  3. Finish the choke

This is a simple way to do step 1: the bow and arrow triangle setup:

Step 1: Push and pull the arms; the bow and arrow set up

For step one, your opponent is going to start out in your closed guard. He is probably sitting up and may be about to attempt an escape. You will need to immediately grab one wrist tightly. With your free hand, hold on to his other wrist. Next, push one of his arms back while pulling the other forward. This is what we call the bow and arrow set up. One arm is jerked forward across your chest while the other is pressed against your opponent’s body. Once this is in place, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Chop the neck and lock your ankles

In step two, you have already executed the bow and arrow set up. Your opponent is primed for step two. Bring your leg forward and chop it down on the back of his neck. Here’s a tip; the leg you bring forward should be on the same side as the arm that is pinned against your opponent’s chest. As soon as you have brought one leg to your opponent’s neck, bring your free leg up and over your opponent’s opposite shoulder. Now, lock your ankles together tightly.

Step 3: Hold the opponent’s head

It is important to hold the opponent’s head to keep him from posturing.
From here, you’d execute the triangle, but today we’re just drilling the basic attack path for this choke.

Conclusion: The steps for attacking with the triangle choke

The basic attack path for the triangle choke is:

  1. Threaten the triangle – get the triangle setup position
  2. Lock the triangle & secure the perpendicular angle
  3. Finish the choke

In this video, we saw how to start this with the bow and arrow set up, chop the neck, and lock your ankles. This sequence can often be a huge asset in your favor once you have it down.

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