The Simple Collar Pull To Take The Back From Top Turtle


In this post, we’re going to work on the simple collar pull to take the back from top turtle.

The turtle position happens frequently in jiu jitsu. You may find yourself there when an opponent shoots in to take you down and you sprawl. You may also find yourself in the top turtle position when you pass the opponent’s guard and they “turtle up” to avoid being pinned down in side control.

When an opponent is in bottom turtle, it is also a good time to take their back. This simple collar pull is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to do that.

This simple collar pull is great for tournaments. It will also work in a street fight if the bad guy rolls over.

Here are the steps for the simple collar pull from top turtle.

Step 1: Swivel to your opponent’s back

Assume your opponent has just rolled to turtle. You are sprawled on your opponent’s side. Your weight is on your opponent, preventing him from standing up.

What you need to do is, keeping your weight on your opponent, spin behind your opponent so that you are facing your opponent’s back. Now, you are facing the same direction as your opponent’s head.

Step 2: Grab his rear collar with both hands and jump up into a squat position

From here reach up and grab his collar from right behind his neck. This part of the gi is almost always unprotected and easy to grab.

From here, jump up to a squat position. This is a very powerful position for you; the same position you would use for deadlifts or other weight-lifting techniques.

Since you are in a strong position, you’ll be able to jerk your opponent right up, exposing his arms for your seat belt and hooks.

Step 2: Pull your opponent up and get the seat belt

The next step is to powerfully pull your opponent’s upper body off of the floor. This should be a fast explosive move. It is your deadlift/squat vs. his ability to crunch his abs and stay down, which means you will almost always be bringing the superior strength and leverage to bear here against your opponent.

Once you have them popped up, get the seat belt position right away. Upper body control is always more important than lower body control when it comes to back attacks. So make sure you get the seatbelt first.

From here you can either go directly into a choke (you don’t need hooks to choke!) or you can insert your hooks and go into a full back mount.

You now have successfully taken your opponent’s back from the top turtle position.

Summary: Taking the back with a simple collar pull from the turtle position

The simple collar pull from the top turtle position is a very easy move, and one quickly mastered. It is can be applied in many situations when your opponent turtles up. Like I said earlier, this move is great for tournaments, sparring sessions, or even in a street fight, where the bad guy rolls over.

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