How To Do The Simple Strong Side Back Attack Series In Jiu Jitsu


Today, we are going to learn about the Strong Side Back Attack In Jiu JitsuIf you went through my last couple of lessons, you should know about the strong side and weak side. Simple speaking, weak side is opposite the choke side.

Let’s say, I am the back attacker and Justin is trying to escape. So, which side would I like Justin to fall to? Of course, to the strong side. Because, if he falls to the weak side, he may try to scrape his shoulder against the ground and get away.  I don’t want that at all.  If I fall on my strong side, it’s a whole lot harder for him. His neck is going against my arm which is great for me. I can choke him easily.

Principle One: Arm Control

So, we’re going to work on a strong side series attack. I’m going to dictate this. I’ve got my seat belt. Top arm to control his wrist, bottom arm to control his other wrist too. So, I’ve got the seat-belt grip and I’ve got the arm control over him.

back attack
Control His Arm


Principle Two: Trap One Of His Arms

So, you’ve got the seat-belt grip and he falls to the strong side. I have arm control over him. I WANT TO CHOKE JUSTIN. Right now, he’s got two hands he’s using to fight me. His two hands versus my two hands. But I don’t want to fight this way. I don’t like two versus two.

bjj back attacks
Trap One Of His Arms

So, what I do now, I take the top wrist, push it down, put my leg over and trap his arm with my leg. Don’t trap your own arm. Now, I’ve two hands versus his one hand. Because, his other hand is trapped by my leg.

Principle Three: Pull His Head Back

Now that I have total control over him, he can sense that he is in danger. He probably would put his chin down. But I have an one arm advantage over him. So, I put my hand on his forehead and pull it back. I put my forearm in there, in empty spaces between the neck and now I am ready to choke. And, the fight is over.

back attack workout
Don’t Let Him Put His Chin Down


Summary: Things We Learned

So, we learned how to do the strong side back attack in Jiu Jitsu. The synopsis are given below:

  1. Get arm control over him.
  2. Trap one of his arms with your leg and get a one arm advantage.
  3. Make sure his chin is not down. Use one of your arms to pull his head back.
  4. Choke Him.