The Single Most Important Skill Your Child Needs To Know To Be Successful In Life


In this video, I want to talk to you about the single most important skill your child needs to know to be a success in life and that skill is goal setting.

Goal Setting Is The Master Skill Of All Success

Setting goals, the ability to set goals and achieve them is the single most important thing a kid needs to know. It’s been called the “The Master skill” of all success. It’s the single most important skill your child needs to know in order to be a success in life. It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve. Goal setting will help you get there. Goal setting will help your child achieve all the things they want to achieve in life. And so, it’s really important to learn this skill early. It is a habit. Nobody comes out of the womb just ready and able to set goals. It is usually a learned behavior and it’s really important because goal setting will help your child achieve all the important things that they want in life.

Setting Goals And Not Quit

I mean think about it. No matter what they want; they want to lose weight, they want to have a successful marriage, they want to have a successful career whatever it is, goal setting will help you do that. To be able to set a certain target, plan the steps, start taking those steps and not quit. It’s very very important. So, I think that far too many people underestimate this skill. In fact, I think far too many people don’t have any goals at all. They never learn to set goals. This is far too underrated thing.

Understanding The Science Behind Goal Setting

Many people don’t really understand the importance of setting goals and it’s really sad. It’s really kind of a tragedy of our educational system that someone can go through grade school, high school, college and complete all this study in these different academic subjects but never really learn the importance of goal setting and how to break it down. They never really comprehend or understand the science behind goal setting, how it all works and how you can break it all down. Now I have heard, however, that certain schools have done this; certain schools have put goal setting exercises in place and when they do that big successes happen. But most schools, of course, don’t do that.

Jiu-Jitsu Is The Ultimate Goal Setting Exercise

So that being said, I want to tell you why Jiu-Jitsu in martial arts is really the ultimate goal setting program for your kids. There are a ton of benefits a kid gets from martial arts training and I’ve talked about those on different videos and different things here on the website. But I want to emphasize here in this video why Jiu-Jitsu is really the ultimate goal setting exercise. It is the perfect way to learn goal setting. With Jiu-Jitsu when you sign up for our black belt training program, let’s say, you set a goal. That’s what we’re teaching. We are teaching goal setting. For your son, I want you to set a goal for a black belt. That’s like the ultimate goal. And then you have to kind of break that down. We teach the kids how to break it down into intermediate steps.

Our Black Belt Training Program Is A Complete Goal Setting Exercise

In order to get a black belt, first you have to get to this color or this color, you kind of work your way down backwards from that goal. So you have sort of intermediary goals in between there and we teach the kids how to kind of set this up and lay it all out. And you also have a little, even smaller like milestones, different stripes, different things you have to do to get to the different color of belts that will in turn get you to the ultimate black belt goal. So martial art itself in Jiu-Jitsu program, our black belt training program is a complete goal setting exercise that will benefit people throughout their lives. It’s benefited me. I mean, I learned goals getting through martial art. I learned how to persevere, set goals, that’s how I learned and I’ve used it many times in all kinds of areas whether it’s business or academics, martial arts whatever.

Motivation Is Key

So, it’s really the ideal goal setting exercise. Not only do we, of course, have the Kids set goals but we also encourage them and give them constant coaching along the way and keep them motivated. We don’t want them to fall off because perseverance and grit are the other important things they have to learn. One thing to set a goal but you’ve got to have the perseverance and the grit to go ahead and complete that goal. So, I really think that Jiu-Jitsu itself is a great goal setting exercise and that’s why our black belt program training for kids is really the ultimate goal setting exercise for your kids and it really will teach them this critical life skill.

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