The Ugly Truth About Bullying


There are a lot of different ways people talk about “Bully Prevention”. Hundreds of seminars, classes and programs claim to train your kid the right way to handle a bully. I’m here today to tell you that most of them are garbage. Almost every bully prevention program teaches your kid to passively dismiss the bully’s efforts, which can be very bad since it often EMPOWERS the bully!

Bullies are weak, cowardice and insecure. They act like they are tough, but in reality they are scared children. That’s why they want to make other people feel as bad as they do. Unfortunately, that means your child could be a target. The worst cases of bullying end in sad instances of “bullycide”. That’s the term for when a child gets bullied to the point of taking their own life. Don’t go another day thinking “these things can’t happen to me or my family”. Help empower the people you love at Bam Bam Martial Arts.

Schools and programs are teaching a passive way to handle bullies – walk away, ignore, fake it until you make it. This is very bad. The reason why is because these passive sorts of solutions make victims appear weak and lacking confidence. Bullies will eat that up and use it as fuel to keep the terror going. They know they’ve found a victim who won’t fight back.

So here is the ugly truth about bullying. Serious bullying cannot be stopped by committees, school awareness campaigns, teachers or parents. The only person that can stop the bully is the VICTIM. But of course, this presupposes the victim is prepared to do so.

You can’t protect your kid from the world, but you can teach him to protect himself.

The good news is that BBMA has a proven formula for anti-bullying success!

We will teach your kids to stand up for themselves! What a concept! BBMA teaches an equal aggression premise. In our program we teach, if a bully is using words – you use words. If a bully is getting physical, then so can you. It’s a simple concept as old as the pyramids – but it can save a life. One time with confidence is all it takes to stop a bully in his tracks. You need to give pushback.

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