What Every Parent Needs To Know About Kid’s Black Belt Training


Today, I just want to make this video for parents who are interested in our black belt training what we call our leadership program. There’s been a lot of questions about it. And so, I thought it would be nice to kind of give you a video that you could watch here and see everything that’s involved because it’s super important for your kids.

What Every Parent Needs To Know About Kid’s Black Belt Training

Now, I’m going to go off this sheet that I have. You can see that on the camera. I’ll put one in a download section and you can download it below this post. But I just wanted you to be able to take a look at that as you watch this video so you can get the most and really understand what’s going on.

What is this advanced black belt training and leadership program all about?

We call this our advanced black belt training and leadership program. What it really is that it’s a continuation of what your child has already done. They have already been doing the basic self-defense and character development. This takes all of that to an entirely new level.

So, it starts out with when your child qualifies and when you want to sign up. You start out with a free upgrade of uniform. We call it our Bam Bam Black Leadership Signature. It’s pretty cool. It’s the same uniforms that I wear and all the coaches wear. And it’s really cool because then all the kids can kind of look like their coaches and they really like this. So you get a free one of those. You also get a bam bam training bag. It’s really cool.

The backpacks look super nice. I love them. You get one of those for free as well. And it also includes on the physical portion of things when we’re talking about black belt training. It includes everything they need to know – all the physical stuff they need to know to get to black belt – all the advanced training, the advanced techniques, the advanced sparring – all the way up to black belt. So, the advanced black belt and leadership program is about everything your child needs to know on the physical side of things.

The Program Will Teach Your Kids How To Protect Themselves

The training program includes weapon disarming techniques. After all, sometimes, you need to know these things right. Someone might want to hit your child on top of the head with a hammer some day. So, we’re going to teach them how to protect themselves and keep themselves safe in that situation.

Verbal Conflict Resolution

The black belt training and leadership program also includes what we call verbal conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics. These will help your kids learn how to talk their way out of a fight. It’s Huge, SUPER IMPORTANT. These tactics are not taught very often in most martial arts schools. We’ve put together a whole curriculum on how to talk your way out of a fight. This is the most important self-defense skill – to not get into the fight in the first place.

And so, there are some techniques involved. Some things you can say that we borrow from different law enforcement agencies in training to talk your way out of a fight and we’re going to teach your child those things too. That also includes what we call personal protection strategies. Some kids are just honestly a little bit naive when it comes to that kind of thing. So, we’re going to teach them some basic street smarts in this program to help keep themselves safe too.

The Bam Bam Martial Arts Instructor Certification Program

It is a 72 month membership term and it includes our instructor certification program. And what that is is that the cream of the crop. All the kids in the leadership program, the cream of that crop (the best of the best) will be selected for instructor certification training in this program.

Your Kids Will Learn Jiu Jitsu

We’re going to teach the kids how to teach jiu jitsu. The best way to learn anything is to teach yourself. And it also teaches the kids a lot of other important things – how to speak publicly, how to run a small group, how to be responsible to show up for classes and stuff like that. So, the instructor certification program is huge and it’s available to those people who qualify and qualify for the leadership program.

The Bam Bam Martial Arts Black Belt Training Program Will Help Your Kids’ Mental Growth

So, we discussed about the whole physical side of our advanced black belt training and leadership program above. That’s the physical side of this program. However, I am super excited about the mental side.

Just like in the basic training, your child learns a basic character development stuff like that. We really take that to the next level here in the leadership program. We call it life mastery. It’s our life Mastery program and it is a complete personal development program for high achievement and success. I am super excited about this program.

This is extremely important stuff and I highly encourage you to kind of follow along with me with a bullet points in the download to kind of just really get your mind around what’s going to be available for your kids because it’s huge.

The Bam Bam Martial Arts Black Belt Training Program Will Teach Your Child How To Succeed

So, this is a program on how to succeed in life. There are proven techniques on the mat to help you win a jiu jitsu match. There are proven moves and principles and things you can do to win. Just like that, there are also some proven techniques for winning in life. This is like jiu jitsu for life. These are proven methods for high success.

They’re scientific in the sense that it’s repeatable when you go out and do these things. If your a child goes out and does these things that we’re going to teach them, they’re going to be successful in life too.  I call it the science of high achievement. So this is just some of the highlights that are involved in this life mastery curriculum that’s included with the leadership training that your child can qualify for.

The Bam Bam Martial Arts Black Belt Training Program Will Teach Your Child HowTo Develop A Winner’s Mindset

In our leadership program, the kids are going to learn things like how to develop a winner’s mindset – getting your mind straight for success. It’s a big deal. I mean, if the mind’s not right, success is just not going to follow.  So, we teach kids how to develop self-discipline and why self-discipline is critical for success. Self-discipline is something child must have because without it he or she simply cannot be successful in life.

The Program Will Teach Your Child How To Be  A Leader

In this program, we talk about how to be a confident public speaker not just be a follower, be a leader. This is the leadership program. We’ll teach how to take 100 percent responsibility for their lives.

We’re going to teach your kids how to transcend their own limiting beliefs. What to say when they talk to themselves? How to manage their own self talk? This is huge. How you talk to yourself plays a big role in how you perceive yourself. Your own kind of self value plays a big role in what you think you can achieve the goals you set. So, these are critical life skills you kids should learn.

Our Program Will Help Kids To Be Resilient

Studies have shown that people who are resilient, people who have learned kind of how to handle the difficulties in life and still get by, those people are happier

Our program will teach kids how to build inner strength and resiliency. Studies have shown that people who are resilient, people who have learned kind of how to handle the difficulties in life and still get by, those people are happier. Because life just throws those things out. So, resiliency critical life skill that we’re going to be teaching your kids. How to build mental toughness, how to manage fear, how to deal with failure, how to rejectthe child is going to learn all these things in this program.

The Program Will Teach How To Unleash The Power Of Goal Setting

We’re going to teach your kids things like how to unleash the power of goal setting. This is the master life skill. This is really what this program is all about – how to set goals and achieve them. It’s a critical life skill that’s not taught in schools quite frankly.

But, you got to have it to be successful. You’ve got to have this habit, this ability to set goals and learn how to attain them to be successful in life.  Anything important that you want to attain in life that your child needs to attain in life – graduating college, getting a law degree, having a successful marriage whatever it is – involves goal setting and daily step by step procedures to reach that goal.

Your Child Will Learn How To Achieve Personal Excellence

Your child is going to learn things like the daily habits of high achievers – how to achieve personal excellence. It’s the art of daily feeding your mind with positive influences. Life is tough. And you can beat you down. And so, I think, it is a critical life skill to daily motivate yourself by taking in good mental food, a mental diet of sort, to be mentally fit. You’ve got to take in good things to build your mind too. So we’re going to teach your child how to do that and what to do to kind of make that happen.

Our Program Will Help Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

We teach our kids things like how to build winning habits, how to speak up with confidence and clarity, how to build unstoppable self esteem. Self-esteem is huge for success in life. You have to believe in yourself to be a success in life. You’ve got to really build that self-esteem up and the good news is you don’t have to be born with self-esteem. Self-esteem is a learned skill.

You do the things that people who have higher self-esteem do and you will have high self-esteem too. Plus, we’re going to talk about why they have to avoid negative influences – doesn’t matter if it’s in school or as an adult. You have to avoid those negative influences in your life if you are going to be successful. We’re going to talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with successful people. It’s kind of the other side of that coin.

Our Program Will Help Your Kids To Be A Lifelong Learner

We’re going to teach your child the power of becoming a lifelong learner. Learning doesn’t stop after high school. Learning doesn’t stop after college. Successful people are lifelong learners. The best job security in the entire world is to constantly improve yourself, to constantly be learning. And quite honestly, it just makes life more interesting too. So, we’re going to to teach your kids that.

We’re going to teach your kids how to take charge of their lives. We’re going to teach your kids the great success principles of life – the value of competence and character. We’ll teach him the power of committing to excellence.

Our Program Will Help Your Kids To Create A Personal Strategic Plan

From our program, your kids will learn how to create a personal strategic plan for a lifelong success. Success does not happen by accident. It’s a planned process. Most of the time we’re going to teach our kids exactly how to do that in this life Mastery Program. We’re going to teach your kids how to plan their work and work their plan. Why? To learn more is to earn more. We really emphasize the importance of learning.

We’re going to teach them why success is not an accident. We help developing the power of setting high standards for themselves, developing key success habits, the principles of extraordinary achievement and why attitude is everything. It’s critically important.

Black Belt On The Mat, Black Belt In Life Too

So, what you can see here with this program that I’m talking about, you can take a look at the sheet. Like I said, download it and take a look at the printed out and see for yourself if this is  really the science of high achievement. And it’s included with our black belt training. It’s included with the physical part of the curriculum. Not only we’re going to teach them how to physically take care of themselves but we’re also going to teach them how to take care of themselves in life – black belt on the mat, blackbelt in life too.

Why We Are Different

The benefits of our program mentioned above – these are the kinds of things that you have to have to be successful. Plus, they don’t teach us in school. I don’t think they teach any of this stuff in school. That’s true. So, this black belt training and leadership program that we’re offering here at Bam Bam Martial Arts, I think, is the perfect compliment to school. It really is.

I mean, just imagine if your child knew these things. Take this list, look over it, and just imagine. If your child grew up knowing these things, having these habits, how would you feel if your child knew these things, knew these proven methods for success?

So, that’s the advanced black belt training and leadership program at Bam Bam Martial Arts. If you’re interested in it, if you want to see if your child qualifies, then just let us know.


Click HERE to download the document referenced in this video.


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Father of eight, Dr. Scott Sullivan is the chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas and is a seasoned martial arts instructor with over 30 years of experience. A firm believer that martial arts really does help people become more fit, safe, and happy, he remains vigilant about helping people improve their lives through martial arts.