Why The Jiu Jitsu Mount Is The Best Position In A Fight


Introduction To The Mount Position In Jiu Jitsu

Today we’re going to talk about why the mount is the best possible position to hold in a fight.

To start, the mount is a dominant position from which you can hit your opponent if necessary. However, he can’t hit you! Of course, this means that if you know jiu-jitsu, you’re going to want to try for the mount whenever you can. When you’re in the mount, you are sitting on your opponent’s stomach and your knees are on the ground. You’re also going to put your arms up by his head, spread wide and kept firm. This is what we call airplane position. If you’re going to strike or submit your opponent, it’s fine to sit up for that purpose. In this position, you can really exercise control over your opponent and he can’t do very much about it.

Obviously, this is pretty much the ideal position for you to fight from! From mount, you can rack up points in a tournament or effectively finish a street fight.

This in mind, we see it’s really important to know how to stay in the mount. We call this mount maintenance. It’s not going to do you any good to fight for and get a mount only to be thrown off after a second. Let’s find out how to prevent this.

Mount Maintenance Technique 1: The Hook and Post

Typically, your opponent will have three main ways to escape. The first way is that he’s going to try to shove you off to the side. We’ll say that you’re in airplane position and your opponent does this; suddenly, you’re thrown to the side. Now, if you just sit there, you’re going to be losing your mount pretty quickly. There’s a way to keep this from happening.

What you’re going to do is as soon as your opponent starts to push, immediately hook one arm around the back of his neck. With your other hand, you’re going to post out to the side and keep a strong arm. You should drill this often. Your goal is to be able to effectively switch sides with your hook and post as your opponent throws you to opposite sides.

Mount Maintenance Technique 2: The Swim

The second way to defend your position is through what we call the swim move. In this case, your opponent pushes up on your chest in an attempt to free himself from the mount. There’s an easy way to outsmart him here, too. As he pushes up, you’re going to rest your weight on his arms. Then, thread one arm through his arms. Your second arm is going to follow the first. Immediately, swim through forcefully and reset into airplane position.

Summary: The Jiu Jitsu Mount: The Most Dominant Position In A Fight

So, you can see that mount is a very important position. Through hook and post as well as the swim techniques, you’ll be able to defend your awesome position. Make sure that your posting arm is out wide and strong in the hook and post move. A tip for the swim technique is to slightly turn your body as you swim. These tips will help make your move more effective and help you to win the fight.

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